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  • Honours Rugby Cap 1931-32
  • Honours Rugby Caps 1st XV 1957 and 1950-52

Warwick School Honours Rugby Caps

The photos show three rugby caps, from the 1931-32, 1950-52 and 1957 seasons.

Colin Beeston (WS 1944-51) writes:

“My Honours Rugby Cap was awarded for performance in the 1951-52 season. I was the pack-leader and open-side flanker in this remarkable team that won all of its matches played in that season. This included an 87 to nil win over Leamington College that prompted a feature in the Daily Express headed ‘Beware you mighty springboks’ who were just starting a UK tour.

We were coached by Jack Marshall, Ralph Thornton and Jack Swindlehurst and the team included such luminaries as Rob and John Wilson, Mike Schofield, Brian Aldridge and M F Smith.

I’m sure our achievements have been surpassed in the ensuing 60 years, but the sense of pride remains strong.”


  1. Honours Rugby Cap 1931-32
  2. Honours Rugby Caps 1st XV 1957 and 1950-52