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    Daily Mail U15 Cup Winners 2013

    2013 U15 Daily Mail Cup

    Squad:  J Ainslie, J Ashford, O Aske-Hayley, B Berrington, T Brooker, W Collins, N David, H Day, A Domingo, T Donaldson, S Forster, J Grimes, R Hazleton, J Hill, O Houlton, H Hukerby, S Lillie, D Marguirie(c) , N Rigby, W Roberts, B Sampson, B Scoular, W Stride, J Taylor-Watts, J Walker, F Wood





    On 23rd March 2013 the U15 won 12-6 at Twickenham against QEGS Wakefield in the final of the U15 Daily Mail Cup.

    Warwick looked nervous in the first half, conceding a drop goal and a penalty and found they were down at half time.  In the second half the Warwick side lifted the tempo and Will Stride scored a fantastic individual effort from a tapped penalty under the posts while Jordan Ainslie scored a wonderful 50-metre try, finished with the now famous ‘Ainslie Splash’ to put the match out of sight 12-6 in favour of Warwick.

    Taken from The Portcullis 2013.




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