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  • Tuck shop 1960s

Tuck Shop 1960s

The present school’s first tuck shop was set up by Rev William Grundy around the year 1881, and it was situated in the small room just inside the main doors of the school.  This little office was the home of the School Sergeant, so we can assume that he also sold tuck as well as ringing the school bell and taking messages.  The tuck shop was moved to its present location in the early 1930s, created out of a bicycle shed next to the 1890 gymnasium.

Always popular with boys, but not always providing a particularly healthy range of snacks, the tuck shop was again renovated in the 1990s when the Sixth Form Centre was created.  Repeated attempts to serve healthier food in the Tuck Shop continue, with efforts to limit intakes of sugar, salt and fat.

  1. Tuck Shop 1960s
  2. Tuck shop 1960s
  3. Tuck shop 2012