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    1st XV Blazer Badge 1950-51



    Suggested by Douglas Badger (WS 1944-51).

    Members of the 1st XV in the late 1940s were awarded this special badge to wear with pride on their blazer pocket.

    Blazer badges finished in the 1980s under Headmaster John Strover, when the sixth formers were no longer required to wear school blazers, but were instead allowed to wear their own suits.



    Prior to that Prefects had a special blazer badge with the full school crest and anyone who received full school colours received a blazer badge with appropriate lettering. These were only available originally for rugby or cricket, but hockey was added in the 1970s.

    The coloured blazer badges for prefects and full colours really stood out among the rest of the school as everyone wore blazers at that time and they were much sought after.

    Scrolls were awarded for other sports, such as athletics, swimming and tennis. These were stitched underneath the normal white blazer badge.


    1. Douglas Badger's Blazer Badge