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    Full Colours Blue/White Scarf

    Full colours were previously awarded for conspicuous success (at county or national level) in a major sport – cricket or rugby.  The brief has been expanded more recently, and full colours can be awarded for drama, music, and the so-called “minor sports”, too.  These days a special tie is awarded, but in the 1930s the award extended to blazers and scarves.

    This almost unique survivor would, when worn by a man, be called a cravat – “a short, wide piece of cloth that is worn around the neck by men with its ends tucked inside the collar of a shirt or sweater.”  K. W. Cosserat, an outstanding sportsman who joined the school in 1930, apparently gave this silk cravat to his wife, who modified it into the form of a scarf. She wore it for the rest of her life.

    1. Full Colours Scarf