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Earliest and Latest Prefects' Photos

The first mention of prefects in the school’s written archives is in the King’s Grammar School Rules of 1884:
1. Prefects are to take Roll-call at 4:30pm.
2. A prefect must be present at all out-matches (away fixtures). 
3.  Prefects are to wear tassels upon their College Caps.

Boarders had their own set of rules:
1. Only prefects may have ink in the dormitories.
2. The prefect in Dormitory A must see that there is silence in the dormitory for three minutes when boys first go to bed, that prayers may be said without interruption.

The earliest surviving prefects’ photograph dates from 1890. The headmaster of the day joined the photographic sessions from 1891 onwards, and the Second Master from 1955.  In 1890 there were 13 prefects, and in 2013 there were 30 – one quarter of the U6th.  Their duties are increasingly varied, but the main aim is to assist in the smooth running of the school, and to act as figure-heads.

  1. 2013 to 14 Prefects
  2. WS Prefects 1890