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    1st World War Medals

    These medals were awarded to R. A. F. Mears FRHS, Senior History Master (1923-33), who died in 1940.  The Mears Scholarship is still awarded.

    Richard Alic Fielders Mears, from Atherstone in Warwickshire, taught history at Warwick School from 1923 to 1933.  He was an extremely successful writer of history books, particularly in collaboration with E. H. Carter, a Chief Inspector of Schools before the Second World War.  Their History of Britain stretched to eight volumes, and was released between 1937 and 1951.  According to the publisher “this massively popular series tells the story of our islands in a straightforward, chronological narrative. Carter and Mears' writing is fast-paced, muscular and direct, and covers the matrix of British history including overseas events, the arts, religion and major social changes.” It was revised and re-published by David Evans, former head of history at Eton College, who also wrote a ninth volume, taking the time-scale up to 1979.

    Richard Mears made substantial amounts of money from his writing, and very graciously donated some of the royalties to the school, where they still fund the Mears Scholarship.  This is awarded to outstanding leavers to assist with the costs of going to university.

    1. Medals awarded to RAF Mears