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    WWI Memorial

    When headmaster H. S. Pyne’s eldest son Eric Wilfrid was killed on active service in 1917, plans for a memorial started to be drawn up, to be paid for personally by the headmaster.  This took the form of an enlargement of the 1879 chapel in the form of a balcony, with a vestry underneath.  The balcony was to have a large new west window, with the names of the fallen carved in stone along the parapet of the balcony.  A young student, Francis H. Spear, was commissioned to design the west window and the smaller vestry windows, and the completed chapel enlargement was opened in 1925.

    The names of 88 former pupils and two members of staff are engraved on the Memorial. Unfortunately, by the early 1930s behaviour by the boys in the gallery was so bad, hiding, as they did, behind the stone parapet, that the Memorial was dismantled and reassembled in a blank window space, along with the modern carved crest of the school - which had not even been designed in 1925. 

    The balcony was then fronted with metal railings, leaving the boys in the balcony properly exposed to view.

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