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    House Ties


    These ties enjoyed a brief existence from around 1994 onwards.  From left to right: Brooke, Tudor, Leycester, Guy, Greville and School.

    The idea was for a housemaster to award a house tie for commitment to a particular sport, without the boy necessarily playing at the highest level in the school.  The award simply gave recognition to a boy for dedication to a sport.

    Head of Art Robin Flintoff writes:  “They were awarded for commitment to the house, and usually not just associated with a particular sport, but generally over several events or competitions. I do remember very good performances in a single sport were also recognised in this way. It was only senior boys who usually received the tie, but these were often superseded by a sixth form, a prefect or a tour tie.  I was involved in the design with Grahame Ward. We did several ties at about that time, our best being the South Africa tour tie – I still have mine”.

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