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    WWII Memorial

    The Second World War was a watershed period in the School’s history, for reasons that only, perhaps, became obvious subsequently.  Firstly, the number of pupils in the School increased dramatically during the war, largely due to the number of Local Authority Free Places that were awarded, but without a corresponding increase in the quality or size of the facilities available. Secondly, the eventual result of the passing of the 1944 “Butler” Education Act was to force the School to become fully independent – and to triple the school fees charged to parents.

    A Memorial Endowment Fund was set up in 1945, and its first task was to create a memorial for the many Old Warwickians who had died in the war.  Later on it would fund a new gymnasium, with its foundation stone laid by Field Marshal Montgomery in 1947, and also help to build a new science block ten years later.  The Fund is still in existence today, supporting the School and its pupils in ways thought fit by the Head Master.

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