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    Warwick School: A History

    In the early years of the new millennium it was becoming more and more obvious – in fact, it had been a pressing need for decades – that a history of the school published in 1906 bore neither  resemblance nor relevance to the modern Warwick School.  The main problem in writing a new history was that there was a serious shortage of archives on which to base any more modern appraisal of the school.

    As a result of asking awkward questions about missing Victorian photographs, and other unanswered inquisitions, it was decided that Gervald Frykman would make an ideal first archivist of the school, starting in January 2002.  The archives started to be winkled out, and he and Eric Hadley assembled a history of the school which was finally published in 2004.  All 1,000 copies of the book were quickly snapped up, and for the 1,100th Jubilee a Second Edition was published.

    1. OB102 WS A History