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    Town Crier's Scroll

    The origins of the annual Town Crier’s visit are shrouded in mystery, but it is certain that headmaster H. S. Pyne arranged such a visit in 1912 “according to custom” – although that particular custom is not mentioned anywhere in the archives of the school, nor in the Portcullis magazine.  It would seem that H. S. Pyne imported to Warwick School a custom which he had experienced when he was headmaster of the King’s Middle School up to 1906.

    At the start, the Town Crier, bringing greetings from the Mayor of Warwick, was allowed to award a “Mayor’s Half Holiday”.  More recently a whole day’s holiday was awarded, causing immense confusion when such holidays did not agree with previously published dates, so nowadays a whole week’s holiday – part of the two-week October half term – is par for the course.


    At some time over the past one hundred years, the Town Crier presented the school with his speech on a splendid scroll, preserved in a box deposited for safe keeping with the Head Master.  It is this scroll which is brought out every October with the loud cry “Oyez”!

    1. OB103 Town Crier Scroll