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    The Limes


    The Limes, formerly called Jubilee Avenue, were planted in 1887 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.  Pupils were invited to purchase “good lime trees about 10ft tall, which can be procured for 2/- (10p).”  It was originally planned to wrap an avenue of 36 trees around the whole school, but headmaster Rev J. P. Way warned that protection might be necessary “against the sheep of the field”.

    An anonymous contributor to an 1888 Portcullis magazine wrote: Although we shall not receive much benefit from them, still, future generations of Warwick boys, when lying beneath their shade, will gratefully think of us and the event which the trees commemorate.


    It is believed that 16 lime trees were originally planted, of which 10 survive.  They are pollarded regularly, which increases their overall health and life-span – but which renders them slightly less attractive for a few months every decade or so.


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