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  • 1940s/1960s memorabilia
  • CCF Marching Band Drum

1940s-1960s Memorabilia

Items suggested by Nigel Robinson (WS 1955-66)

The photograph shows a copy of the 1944 Portcullis Nigel’s father (H B Robinson WS 1930-38 and WS Staff 1962-82) received as a member of the Old Warwickian Association.  The three items set on the magazine, the blazer badge, the CCF Marksman’s Badge and the CCF Armband Badge of a drum belonged to Nigel. The blazer badge at this time is interesting as it is the old Henry VIII Portcullis badge. The CCF badges show Nigel’s achievements as a cadet during this period when the CCF band was particularly strong.

The second photograph shows a skinless drum which has survived from the 1960s which is exactly the type Nigel would have played during his time in the CCF.



  1. 1940s/1960s memorabilia
  2. CCF Marching Band Drum