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Contemporary Art Projects

Cameron Dee GCSE: Water Skiing figure – plaster and wire.This piece was inspired by the thin and wiry figure of the 20th century sculptor Alberto Giacometti. Cameron was a keen water skier himself and wanted to create a much more animated and action packed sculpture than Giacometti. The fantastic outcome is full of energy and movement and makes clever use of the chicken wire structure to create the slightly stylized wave form.

Jonathan Cook GCSE: Elephants: Beaten Aluminium Sheet.Working in this material was a difficult and noisy affair involving lots of hammering onto different formers and surfaces to create a range of reflective surfaces. The original idea was based on a visit to a local hot house containing fantastic tropical plants and inspired by the work of Henri Rousseau. The results were well worth the noise and look especially good when reflecting strong light.

Anthony Choy: Octopus.
Anthony has a very precise, intricate and graphic style which was well suited to his theme of Natural Disaster. His work is a contemporary mix of street art and manga and is both comical (and comic like) and threatening at the same time. The maelstrom of tentacles and smashed objects has an echo of Godzilla and other ‘end of the world’ movies but also reminds us of the tsunamis and floods that have occurred in increasing severity over recent years.

Kai Saunders: Photoshop landscapes.
Kai was deeply inspired by a trip to South America between his L6th and U6th years. This involved trekking through high mountain ranges and dry deserts. Kai manages to combine a sweeping, painterly style of brushwork with smaller focal points to give the image a daunting scale and a sense of narrative: are the figures contemporary explorers in the Himalayas or are we in an alien landscape following the survivors of a crashed spaceship? It is this carefully controlled ambiguity that gives the images their mystery and interest.


  1. Elephants
  2. Octopus
  3. Photoshop Landscape