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    The Oldest Surviving School List (1881)

    Warwick School has been extremely poor in the past concerning one of the most fundamental aspects of administration – that of recording who it has taught. Sporadic names of pupils crop up in other sources in the Victorian era and before, and Rev Herbert Hill started an Admissions Register in 1871 – which survives – but the oldest surviving school list dates from 1881. Indeed, it is recorded that Rev Hill “used to keep a list of the boys admitted”, but he had subsequently lost it.

    The 1881 School List uses the older name of the school – King’s Grammar School – and lists the boys in descending order of academic achievement. There were 78 boys in the school, of whom 26 were boarders, and a teaching staff of three, plus the headmaster (Rev William Grundy) who taught all the Classics in the school.

    1. OB1 Oldest School List 1881