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    Coronation Teaspoon

    Suggested by Graham Doughty (WS 1950-55).

    Every pupil at Warwick School received a commemorative teaspoon for Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in June 1953.

    This teaspoon, donated by OW Graham Doughty, has been used almost daily for over 50 years and has travelled all over the world. Graham worked for a Scandinavian company and during his career he travelled to 81 different countries, including Africa, Siberia and India and had adventures in the Himalayas and the Andes. The teaspoon always accompanied him on his travels as he took his own tea making kit, stopping to brew up wherever he was. The teaspoon was greatly admired by his colleagues, who regularly used to joke that Graham was having ‘Sovereign Tea’, to which he would reply ‘She’s served us well’.  The fact that the spoon was so well recognised by his colleagues proved to be very lucky when in the mid-1990s Graham lost his spoon whilst brewing up on a trail in Tibet.  His Swedish colleague noticed the spoon for sale at a flea market in Tibet a few weeks later (how it got there is a mystery) and was able to acquire it for five ‘bob’ – a lot of money to the locals at that time.

    Graham kindly donated the spoon to the school museum in 2012.

    1. OB27 Coronation Spoon