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    Model virus (Bacterio Phage)

    Suggested by Paul Snell (WS Staff 1982 to date).

    The T2 Bacteriophage is an example of a virus that infects bacteria rather than animal or plant cells. The U4ths have been making models of this virus for at least 20 years and boys (and parents!) have on occasions made outstanding ones, as shown here.

    All viruses are parasitic, they are not made of cells, but have an exernal protein coat surrounding nucleic acid (DNA or RNA).  Most viruses are crystalline in appearance but this one has a more interesting shape.  They are far too small to be seen even with the best light microscopes as they are less than 1/10 000 mm long.  However, the invention of the electron microscope has provided us with the opportunity to study them with outstanding images at 200 000 x magnification

    1. OB10 Model Virus (Bacterio Phage)