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    Headmaster's Summer House

    We don't know quite when this charming little wooden structure arrived at Warwick School. It has certainly been cared for and enjoyed by the families of headmasters in their garden since at least the 1930s.

    The summer house is clearly visible in a 1937 aerial photograph of the school, and thus may have been purchased by A. H. B. Bishop, headmaster from 1936 – 62, whose first daughter was born at the start of his reign.  His predecessor, Eric Percival Smith, was a bachelor and is less likely to have provided it, and before that was the firebrand G. A. Riding (1928 – 33).  Riding had two sons, however, and it is entirely possible that he wished to improve the private facilities available to the headmaster’s family in this way.

    The house still rotates on its base – with care – and is in remarkably good condition considering that it is at least 75 years old. Long may it last!


    1. OB14 Summer House