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    Warwick School Code

    Suggested by Steve Paget (WS 1963-68).

    Steve writes ‘The Warwick School Code was given to me in 1963 when I started at Warwick, which I initially tried to live up to. However, I soon realised that, for example, ‘Along Myton Road cycle in single file only’ was a severe restriction on getting acquainted with girls from neighbouring schools and in later years ‘not allowed to drive a motor vehicle within a mile of the School’ did not allow me to show off my mirrored Lambretta scooter (with fur back rest!). A garage 100 yards from school was used to store scooters and thus ‘bend’ this rule.  I have happy memories of endless conversations at that garage, mostly concerning how to unblock carburettors!

    However, many of the rules stuck. To this day I always give women and children the inside of pavements and never use a catapult.’

    The first set of school rules was published in 1884. Rule 2 was:  No boy may either use or possess a Catapult.  Pistols, Cannons, and fire-arms of every sort are prohibited.

    In 1942, a second attempt was made to set down in writing the way that Warwick School boys were expected to behave.  The resultant Warwick School Code was “not so much a list of rules as a useful guide to conduct and behaviour”. Each boy was then given a small, green-covered copy to keep with him at all times.

    1. OB4 Warwick School Code