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    Boarders' Letters Home 1950s

    From Colin Shiner (WS 1944-51).

    One ritual forced upon the boarders for years was to sit them down every Sunday morning, between breakfast and chapel, and get them to write a letter home.  The letters were written in silence, and prefects were present to enforce this.  Not many of these letters survive, of course, but the school was fortunate enough to be given one complete set, lovingly preserved by the boy’s mother for decades – every single one of the boy’s letters from the age of nine to eighteen.

    What does a boy write about every week?  What dominates the mind of a nine-year-old?  Food, of course - send some.  Every week.  Send some shoe-laces.  My rugby team lost.  Send some more food.  And by the time they’re eighteen?  Very little has changed, except things like a career, a university, references, a job have crept in.  And still send some food!  And a razor...


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