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    1922 Book of Postcards

    It is, perhaps, surprising that the number of pupils at Warwick School started to increase dramatically during the First World War.  There were 200 here in 1916, and over 300 by the time hostilities ceased.  The main reason for this is the awarding of Free Places at the school by Warwickshire County Council, a practice which continued for the next 60 years or so. 

    The Free Places Scheme put great strain on facilities and to add to H. S. Pyne’s miseries, the Burnham Committee dramatically increased teaching staff salaries at the same time.  The school went seriously into debt. It is not known how many of these books of postcards were printed, but it was a serious fund-raising effort co-ordinated by the long-serving bursar, M. M. Clark (King’s Middle School and Warwick School, 1899 – 1949).  The benefit to us today is an unparalleled set of images of the school as it appeared in the 1920s.

    1. OB32 Book of Postcards 1922