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    Drum-Major's Mace

    Film taken at Warwick School from the 1930s to the 1960s by P. N. G. Whitlam shows many aspects of CCF life, and, although the films are silent, the enthusiasm with which members of the CCF Corps of Drums of the day bang their drums and blow their brass instruments suggests that the occasions were very noisy.  At the front of the band walks the drum-major, holding an ornate stick called a mace.  He uses this not only to keep the Corps of Drums to time, but also to “steer” it, ie to turn right, or left, or to stop.

    The CCF Corps of Drums ran out of steam in the 1970s, but two of the bugles, a very decorative bass drum frame and two drum-major's maces have survived.  Their condition suggests that they may have been dropped while being twirled – more than once...


    1. OB23 Bandmaster's stick