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    1931 Granting of School Crest

    It was the headmaster from 1885–1896, Rev John Pearce Way, who not only commissioned the first written history of the school, but who also attempted to change its name (illegally) from The King’s School, Warwick to Warwick School, to introduce a school song, a school motto and also a school coat of arms.  His attempt to draw up a school coat of arms was not a success, and neither was that of one of his successors, Horace Seymour Pyne (headmaster from 1906–1928), who went as far as to include his own version – also illegal – in the stained glass window of the chapel, where it can be seen to this day.

    It fell to George Riding (headmaster from 1928–1933) to go through the proper channels and arrange for a coat of arms, which he designed, to be awarded to Warwick School in 1931. 


    The large fee for the whole process was paid for by the President of the Old Warwickian Association, Sir Henry Lakin Bart.


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