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Team Photos along Main Corridor

Suggested by Gervald Frykman (WS Staff 1981- ).

The first 1st XV team photograph seems to have been taken in 1885, with 1st XI examples dating from 1888.  Prefect photographs started to be taken in 1890, and these included the headmaster from 1891 onwards.  The Second Master (the original title for the deputy headmaster) had to wait until 1955 to be included.  These early photographs lined the main corridor in huge frames custom-made in the 1930s, but the earliest ones have been in storage for many years.

Cricket and rugby first team photographs taken between 1914 and 1970 still line the main corridor, and are eagerly sought out by visiting Old Warwickians.  When space ran out, the walls of the Tuck Shop started to be used, but by 2014 we are once again reaching saturation point! 



  1. Main Corridor
  2. Team photos on main corridor