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  • Main school gate - 1545

Main school gates

Opened by the Queen Mother in 1958

Iron gates were undoubtedly part of the original design for the front of the school, and the earliest photograph we have of some front gates dates from around 1920.  In a patriotic gesture in the Second World War, the original gates were removed and melted down like so many other railings and gates at the time. 

In the mid 1950s headmaster A. H. B. Bishop was telephoned and offered the opportunity of a visit by the Queen Mother, and, thinking quickly on his feet, he suggested that he would like her to open the new school gates – which were an instant figment of his imagination at the time.  This triumphant visit occurred on 6th November 1958, when she opened the new Shire Hall in Warwick as well as visiting other local schools and institutions. 


  1. Gate
  2. Main school gate - 1545