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    Edward the Confessor's Foot

    Suggested by Derek Kendall (WS 1951-59).

    King Edward the Confessor reigned from 1042 to 1066, and, on the face of it, has had very little to do with Warwick School. This did not stop at least one former headmaster from actively promoting the idea that the school was “Chartered by King Edward the Confessor” (the only extant charter dates from 1545) and it did not stop the Old Warwickian Association from raising funds for a concrete statue of the King to be erected in the entrance lobby in 1924 for a total cost of nearly £40.

    In 2014 the toe of the statue shows a good deal of wear and grubbiness. It has been apparent for some time that the modern boarders, who largely hail from Hong Kong feel obliged to touch Edward’s toe on their way in and out of the Boarding House.



    1. OB12 Edward the Confessor's foot