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Silver Altar Cross used in Chapel

Suggested by Brian Newman (WS 1955-65).

The silver altar cross in Chapel is a familiar sight to everyone.  It was presented to the School by Mr Percy Rudge on the last Sunday of the Autumn Term 1959.  Percy Rudge had been a governor for more than twenty-five years and was also a former master at the School. Two of Mr Rudge’s grandchildren accompanied him at the Service, both being members of the School at that time.

The cross, inscribed on the front of the base with ‘To the glory of God’ and on the back with ‘Offered to Warwick School Chapel by Percy Rudge, Christmas 1959’, was made by Adie Brothers of Birmingham.  The same company also made the Queen’s christening bowl in 1926, and produced a replica for the Prince of Wales in 1947.

OW Brian Newman (WS 1955-65) remembers its dedication and says it became the focal point of Chapel, which was itself at the centre of the School and school life.

  1. Altar cross landscape
  2. Altar cross portrait