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    CCF Camp list of Clothing and Equipment

    Warwick School’s Combined Cadet Force (originally called the Cadet Corps, then Officers’ Training Corps, and then Junior Training Corps) was originally created by an OW, Colonel Samuel William Cooke, in 1884.  It immediately became very popular, and from the start expeditions were mounted which took the boys away from school.  The first record of a camp, at Stoneleigh, dates from 1887.

    In 1947, some 33 boys took part in a CCF camp for the first time since 1938. As many as 70 boys each year subsequently trained at a variety of destinations, such as Rhyl, Oswestry, Castlemartin, Aldershot and Gandale, Yorkshire. 

    In recognition of his service to the CCF over the decades, and slightly more secretive research work during the Second World War, the Curator (and physics technician) P. N. G. Whitlam, who worked at the school from 1920 to 1964 and was described in 1950 by headmaster A. H. B. Bishop as “virtually a master”, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and awarded the OBE.

    This CCF Camp List of Clothing and Equipment was issued by P. Whitlam in 1956.

    1. OB21 CCF camp list 1956