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    Old School Bell

    The new buildings for the Grammar School on Myton Road were designed by John Cundall (1836 – 89), who was also responsible for a number of other local buildings, notably Leamington Town Hall. When the new Grammar School was built for the town of Warwick in 1879, it was offered a disused bell for its new bell tower.  This bell had come from the old Eastgate Chapel, and had been donated by Fulke Weale in 1730. This chapel was a probable site for the King’s School (later Warwick School) in the 17th century, and for most of the 20th century it was used by King’s High School for Girls.  It is now a holiday home.

    The original bell turret on the Eastgate is still there, as is the nicely restored town clock. The 1730 bell is still used occasionally as a summoning bell for boarders at Warwick School, but was tolled much more frequently in the days when boys did not regularly wear watches.


    1. OB13 School Bell