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CCF Shoulder Badges

Joe Dunstan (WS 1946-54) writes:

The Junior Training Corps (J.T.C.) badges were sewn onto each shoulder of the uniform. I believe that these were provided to all recruits and subsequent promotion could be awarded for more senior roles e.g. Lance-Corporal, Corporal etc. as training progressed and to take on responsibility & leadership roles.

The J.T.C. was the junior division of the Officers Training Corps and a part of the British Army recruiting volunteers primarily from public schools. The aim was to recruit potential army officers as well as providing military training. The Royal Warwickshire Regiment was the local link and some visits and training were provided at Budbrooke Barracks locally which was a very new experience! I think that we were taken for a ride on a Military Tank which was an experience!

After 1948, the J.T.C. became the Combined Cadet Force (C.C.F.)  Colonial Whitlam was the Commander at Warwick School which was well run. The School had an Armoury with Lewis Gun, point 303 Rifles and other items.  The Butts in the grounds of the School were for shooting with point 22 rifles.

Field Marshall Montgomery of Alamein visited Warwick School and arrived in his Desert Car with a reversed windscreen said to block out the desert sun. It made an impression!

  1. CCF shoulder badges
  2. Joe Dunstan