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    The first Blue Book of 1934

    The somewhat liberal headmaster from 1933–1936, Eric Percival Smith, instigated several long-lasting reforms.  One of them was to get staff to produce a “Form Order” twice a term, a second was to call boys by their first names and a third (perhaps not so long-lasting) was to appoint an Upper Fifth former (albeit one aged 19) as Head Boy.

    The most important legacy of this period, however, is the first regular publishing of school lists.  Staff are named, with their universities and degrees, pupils are divided into forms, the total number of boys in the school is given as 351, and the whole little book is a veritable mine of useful information. For about 70 years the termly calendar was stapled inside the blue book, but the two are now published separately.


    1. OB3 First blue book