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    Altiora Peto Statue

    Designed by Matthew Lane Sanderson, the Altiora Peto Statue takes pride of place outside the newly refurbished Halse Sports Pavilion.

    Matthew describes the inspiration behind the statue:-

    ‘Warwick School’s strong sporting reputation has provided inspiration for this new sculptural work.  Along with many images created by the heroes of the 2013 Olympic games, one specific piece to represent and inspire all was difficult to find.

    The Head Master then reminded me of the School’s Motto Altiora Peto (I seek higher things).  From this point onward it seemed essential that actions like ‘reaching’ and ‘rising’ be employed as the central theme.

    In the end I used the rubgy lineout as a way in which to ‘lift’ one figure above head height.  I adapted an abstract style inspired by the Artists Giacometti and Dickens that translate well in welded, forged and rolled steel.  The leaper’s arms are deliberately left open and without any sign of a ball so anyone seeing the sculpture might imagine flying into the air, weightless, free, ‘Reaching for Higher… Just because we can… and how good it feels to do so!’

    Matthew Lane Sanderson 2013


    1. OB37 Altiora Peto