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Channel Swim cap and goggles

Suggested by Peter Nield (WS Staff 2000 to date).

September 7th 2012 - Shakespeare Beach – Cap Gris Nez – Dover Harbour.
The 50th ever 2 way swim, 13th ever success by a UK team and first by a boys’ school team.

Team:  James Foster, Josh Harridine, Will Hopkins (Capt), Patrick Haynes, Callum Ellis, Max Clarke.  Support: Angus Preston.

The 25 hours 37 minutes of this Channel swim will mark the memories of all those involved and the experience responds to the clarion call of the school motto in a unique way.

More people have climbed Everest than have swum the Channel.  When these swimmers meet each other there is something in the eyes that needs no words. They know what it took. It is their bond and will last their lifetimes. All the team owe each other much for the unselfish and unstinting support through their worst and best moments.                                

After six crossings Warwick is the most successful Channel swimming school and the crazy idea of a two way swim caught the imagination of the team. When it was tough, we swam knowing success would make a difference to the local Get Ahead charity’s investment in cancer diagnosis equipment. The swimmers contributed £17,500 to Get Ahead in 2012.

(Taken from The Portcullis 2012)



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