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    The Climbing Wall

    Climbing is a fascinating physical and mental challenge, as much about overcoming fears as simply battling gravity, while developing strength, balance, co-ordination and trust in others.  Having a climbing wall at school gives boys (and staff) the chance to climb in a county that is rather short of opportunities for rock climbing outdoors.

    The climbing wall was built in 2005 to introduce Warwick School boys to the sport and allow them to pursue an activity that, for some, may become a life-long passion.  The wall has 11 ropes, 34 difference climbing routes, each 8 metres high and spanning a wide range of climbing styles and difficulties.  It is constructed from steel and fiberglass, took 2 weeks to assemble on site, and anyone reaching the top of the overhang can peer over the top to see how much steelwork went into creating such an impressive structure.

    1. OB85 The Climbing Wall