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    Staff play programmes

    During the 1970s and early 1980s the Warwick School Masters’ Common Room presented a series of pantomines – with a twist!  These pantomines were first performed in Big School (today’s Pyne Room) and later moved to the Guy Nelson Hall as their popularity grew.

    A note would go up on a notice board in the Common Room asking for volunteers to take part and the boys in the School’s rugby team would sing in the chorus.  Great fun was had by all and everyone loved to see the staff in costume, glimpsing a fun side not usually revealed in the classroom.  Tickets were sold to the whole school community, with the money raised going towards projects of the day. Money raised from ‘Cinderella in Transit’, for example, facilitated the purchase of the School’s first minibus.


    1. OB34 Staff play programme and ticket