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    1887 Concert programme

    Headmaster Rev John Pearce Way (WS 1885–96) made enormous improvements to the structure and ethos of the school, but one of his more controversial actions was to change its name from The King’s Grammar School, Warwick (or simply The King’s School) to Warwick School.  He may not have known, of course, that his action was illegal, but the old name had been decreed by King Henry VIII in 1545, and would have required (and eventually did require) an Act of Parliament, with Royal Assent, to change it.

    This little 1887 concert programme is interesting not only for the sheer length of the evening’s entertainment, but also for the fact that it is the earliest surviving mention in print of J. P. Way’s attempt to change the name of the school.  Even the bankruptcy, the flight of headmaster Rev W. T. Keeling and the merger with the King’s Middle School in 1906 did not legally accomplish this change, which was finally achieved about 60 years later.

    1. OB50 1887 Concert Programme