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    Printed copy of Latin School Song

    Composed for the 1906 Pageant.

    The Latin Carmen, written for Louis N. Parker's Warwick Pageant of 1906, was entitled Floreat Domus.  The words written by the headmaster of the day, Rev W. T. Keeling, are strangely inappropriate for a school which was on the verge of economic collapse, and from which the headmaster had already bolted. The chorus states: Floret atque floreat schola Warwicensis ("it flourishes, so may Warwick School continue to flourish").

    The music for the Pageant was mostly composed by Allen K. Blackall, who at the time taught music at the King's Middle School in The Butts - Warwick School's great rival - but Floreat Domus was set to music by James Haworth, a man whose one-year stay at Warwick School from 1905-6 seems to be the only thing known about him. Blackall was to replace him and stayed at Warwick School until he fell out with H. S. Pyne in 1927. Blackall's tenure as organist of St Mary's Church was much happier and lasted until 1945.

    Some unused and immaculate printed copies of the 1906 song were found in the music department just over 100 years later.

    1. OB83 School Song Latin