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    CCF Bugle shown to Monty

    Suggested by Peter Johnston (WS 1948-55).

    A photograph of the JTC Band of 1944 shows that there were nine drums (and, presumably, nine drummers) and at least half a dozen buglers.  Two of the bugles from this band have survived, and one of them is the very instrument being shown to Field Marshal Montgomery on his visit to the school in 1947.  The story is that the name of a previous bugler, the school’s 1936 Olympian A. G. K. Brown, is being shown to the Field Marshal – but Brown’s name is not in the position indicated.

    One of the most public aspects of the band’s performances was the town’s Remembrance Parade, held around the Memorial near St Mary’s Church. The CCF band was disbanded in the 1970s, and most of the instruments and drums have disappeared.

    1. OB64 CCF Bugle