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  • Test Plate

Royal Worcester test plate

Design for Warwick School crockery

It may well have been as a result of the troubles encountered by the Royal Worcester factory, which ceased trading in 2009, that this little plate escaped.  Test plates are not supposed to survive, but this one did, and an eagle-eyed Warwick School Archivist spotted it for sale on eBay and snapped it up!

The school commissioned a new blue-and-gold-rimmed crockery service in 2002, and it has been in extensive use for formal catering events since then.  There are hundreds of plates from the service still in use.  Each set consisted of 14 items.

A previous set was commissioned late in 1932 in the form of a gift of “a complete outfit of crockery bearing the new school crest”, some items of which have survived into the 21st century and are on display in the Headmaster’s house.

  1. Test Plate
  2. Test Plate for WS Crockery