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    Oxford University Entrance Medal

    Medal awarded to School's first Oxford University entrance success, 1885, Robert Johnson.

    The sixth form of 1882-1884 was extraordinarily good, with three pupils in particular gaining national recognition for their examination results – Wilfred Gibson, Robert Johnson and Gerald Richardson, all of whom are at the top of the 1881 school list.  Their subsequent scholarships at Oxford University are proudly recorded in the Master’s Book, and each was used as an excuse to award the whole school a half day’s holiday. Johnson, who had been on the staff of King Edward VII School, Sheffield, was the first boy to win an Oxford Scholarship after the new 1875 scheme had creamed off many local boys to the King’s Middle School, and, in fact, he had won a scholarship from the newly formed Middle School to its more august and senior partner in 1878. 

    It is extraordinarily fortunate that, somehow, the magnificent medal given to Robert Johnson by the governors in 1885, in celebration of his outstanding achievement, is now back in the possession of the school.

    1. OB70 Oxford Entrance Medal