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    Prefect's Punishment Folder

    Dating from 1925, with two boys' impositions inside.

    An extraordinary survival in the archives is this small cardboard pocket, containing, as it does, a set-piece imposition that prefects were authorised to award for minor infringements of the school rules, as well as a couple of pupils’ efforts at copying them.  Prefects were relied upon very heavily for helping the teaching staff to maintain discipline, and they were even authorised to administer “three whacks of a slipper” without the offence, or the punishment, being recorded in a Punishment Book. 

    A typical offence which merited such barbarity was for a boy – presumably deliberately, to see if they could get away with it – to step on “Prefects’ Lawn” – the area of grass now featuring the carved statue of King Edward the Confessor. 

    Impositions, such as those in the 1925 folder, would have been set for offences such as not wearing a school cap at the correct time – or angle.



    1. OB73 Prefects Punishment Folder