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  • Motte and Bailey Castle
  • Siege Tower

Motte-and-Bailey Castle and Siege Tower

The models of these items were produced by L4 boys during their study of medieval history.

The Motte-and-Bailey castle is particularly interesting as Warwick Castle was originally built in this way.  Fortifications with a wooden or stone keep, situated on a raised earthwork called a Motte, were accompanied by an enclosed courtyard – or Bailey.  This was surrounded a protective ditch and was a relatively easy method of constructing a Medieval castle.

The Siege Tower would have been constructed to protect assailants climbing ladders to gain access over the castle walls, and to give archers a good view over the wall into the castle to fire their arrows.  The Siege Tower  would have been approximately the same height as the castle walls, and had wheels so that it could be manoeuvred into place.  As these Towers were mainly constructed out of wood they were highly flammable and to protect them they were often covered with fresh animal skins as represented here.

  1. Motte and Bailey Castle
  2. Siege Tower