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    Picture of J M A Marshall

    Junior School Headmaster 1947-78

    Jack Marshall served the School for half a century as boy and master.  Entering the School in the Upper Fourth in 1930, he quickly made his mark, and was awarded a Governors’ Foundation Scholarship in 1932.  He took the newly created Guy House from bottom to top of the Cock House Competition with his personal effort in the cricket competition.  He left in 1935 as Captain of School and of Cricket, Captain of Fives for his last three years and a first XV cap.

    Jack spent the next three years at St Paul’s College, Cheltenham, returning to Warwickshire in 1938 where he took a teaching post for a year before joining the Army in the Physical Training Corps, rising through the rank of Lt Col in the Royal Artillery and spending most of the Second World War in the Middle East.

    In 1946 he accepted the invitation of the Headmaster, A H B Bishop, to join the staff ‘to give much valued help with games and take charge of the third form’.  The following year he became responsible for the Junior School and Games throughout the school.  His personal influence was reflected in the strengthening of school fixture lists, with many young men going on to represent the county or country.

    (from The Portcullis, 1979).



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