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Head of School Boards

It is relatively easy to find out who has been Head Boy of the school for the past 80 or 90 years, for there is a splendid sequence of boards on the first floor of the main school building.  Before 1928 we have to search in Portcullis for this information, and even there the information is not always present.

The role of Head Boy used to include editorship of Portcullis itself, that is, until a scandal erupted in 1929 when the senior prefect in the boarding house got away with publishing – anonymously - a love poem to the headmaster’s wife.

Nowadays the role of head boy is very much that of a figurehead, representing the voice of the pupils to the Headmaster.  The Senior Prefect manages the prefect body.  For 2013-4 there are two Senior Prefects – a busy year!

  1. Head of School boards 1
  2. Head of School boards 2