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    Examinations Clock

    For the past forty years, all major external examinations, be they O-levels, A-levels, or sessions with the more modern GCSEs, or AS or A2 papers, have been held in the Guy Nelson Hall.  Even the entrance examination for 11-year-olds used to be held there – a very intimidating experience.  Candidates have an absolute need to keep track of how the time is passing, and in the pre-digital age, when more than one clock was needed in the hall owing to the large number of candidates present, it must have been extremely difficult to ensure that each clock actually indicated the same time!  Nowadays radio-controlled clocks are used, and synchronisation is less of a problem.

    Candidates may not have realised at the time that the length of each session is controlled to the nearest second, and it is worth reflecting how many pupils have looked at this clock with a rising feeling of panic – or boredom, or hatred.

    1. OB43 Exam Clock