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    History of Warwick School

    By A.F Leach

    By what means headmaster Rev John Pearce Way (WS 1885–96) first commissioned the notable educational historian A. F. Leach (1851–1915) to compile a history of the school in 1894 is not known. Leach must have been very frustrated by an almost complete lack of documentary evidence about the school’s history. He persevered, however, and produced a long book full of the history of the town of Warwick, and some anecdotes from mid and late-Victorian pupils of the school.

    The book was finally published to subscribers at a cost of 5s (and to non-subscribers for 10s) in 1906 and was, for almost the whole of the next 100 years, the most up-to-date history of the school. It had to finish, of course, with a description of the bankruptcy and temporary closure of the school in that catastrophic summer.

    This particular copy was owned by W. V. P. Hexter, a pupil at the school from 1885–91, a member of staff from 1909–14 and first Old Warwickian Association Secretary. Tucked into it were several extraordinarily interesting a valuable letters to him from pupils from as far back as the 1860s.


    1. OB51 Leach's History of WS