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    Copy of 1545 Charter

    Along with all other monasteries, hospitals, colleges and chantries in Warwickshire, the “College of Warwick” was surrendered to King Henry VIII at some stage before 1545, and the various properties started to be sold off.  The townspeople of Warwick saw to it that they salvaged what they considered to be the most beneficial of these institutions, namely, St Mary’s, St Nicholas and Budbrooke parish churches and the grammar school, and obtained a grant from the king for their preservation.

    A Latin charter, dated 15th May, 1545, effected the incorporation of the town of Warwick and the re-foundation of the school.  It was written completely in Latin except for the name of the school: The King’s New Scole of Warwyke. It was the word “new” in the name of the school that convinced Rev J. P. Way to ask historian A. F. Leach to investigate its ultimately obscure but very real previous incarnation.

    1. OB52 1545 Charter