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    Old Warwickian Association Blazer

    This Old Warwickian Association blazer was presented to the Warwick School archives by Mrs Kathleen Mayman, widow of B. J. Mayman (WS 1928-33).

    The Old Warwickian Association was founded in 1898 as the Old Warwickian Club, with much encouragement from the otherwise rather less than successful headmaster Rev Robert Percival Brown, and it held its first dinner in Holborn, London in 1900.  Life Membership was set at £1 10s.

    From the start playing sporting fixtures – rugby and cricket – was important to members of the new Club, and very soon some wonderful sports jackets were commissioned, some early examples of which survive.

    The predominant colour which was decided upon – maroon – lasts to this day in the form of the very popular OW tie.  The blue and white bands are colours associated with Warwick School since 1123.

    The total membership of the Old Warwickian Association stood at 4,819 at the start of 2014.



    1. OB67 OW Blazer