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1922 1st XI Cricket Blazer

This cricket blazer belonged to W T Fox (WS 1930-37).  W T Fox played cricket for the 1st XI from 1935-37 and was particularly noted for his bowling skills. The Portcullis of 1935 records  ‘W T Fox – A fast bowler and a greatly improved bat.’  Also stating ‘… he will be very useful in 1936, when his stamina will be greater.

The write up on Cricket Characters in the 1936 Portcullis states that W T Fox ‘… played this year mainly as a batsman, but is still a useful change fast bowler. His batting has improved greatly and he is a keen fieldsman.’ He has another excellent report in the 1937 Portcullis being described as ‘A very keen and energetic fast bowler who bowls with unflagging speed.’

Not only was W T Fox an outstanding cricketer to be chosen for the 1st XI for three consecutive years, he was awarded a 1st XV Cap, a 2nd XV Cap, Half-Colours for Athletics, a Standard Medal for Putting the Weight, the Marrack Cup for Throwing the Javelin, Captain of House Gym and Boxing, House Colours for Cricket, Sub-Prefect 1935 and School Prefect 1936-7.

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